RMS Rules

We don’t want a lot of rules, but there are a few to be aware of. The students voted on these.

· If you miss group twice during the year, you will be asked to consider leaving the group for that year. We don’t rehearse often enough to have people missing. Rehearsals are very expensive, that is why they are not weekly. Call your teacher before group if you are sick. November Workshop attendance required.

· Uniform- if any part of your uniform is missing at a performance, shoe color included, the students voted to pay a $20 fine to RMS and also not perform that time.

· The uniform chairman is not to be called to bring you a uniform at a performance. We will have exchange day in September, after that you need to drive to her house if you need to trade. If you forget to bring your uniform to a performance, do not call her to bring one for you. This causes uniforms to get lost and is very unfair to the chairman.

· Pick up your students on time from group lesson! The teachers have places to be. We can not leave if one child is there.

· There is a $5 fine if you show up to group with out either your music or your stand.

· There is a $1 fine if you are caught talking or plucking too much while someone is trying to teach.

· There is also a $1 fine if you don’t have your mute at group.

· All students need to put $10 of their own money, not the parent’s money, in their case, in $1 bills. Fines have to be paid at group. The money goes in the RMS fund.