RMS Committees 2013-14

Business and Artistic Directors: Debbie Moench and Ramona Stirling

Uniforms: Michelle Cutler, assistant Suzanne Chapman

Banking: Ben Ricks

Treat reminder: Jill Oliverson

Website: Leslie Thackeray

Performance Committee: Stacy Smith, Shannon Devenport, Jane Metcalf, Amy Reading, Hillary Hunt, Corrine Hart, Nina Hubbard

(this group works to find more opportunities for RMS to perform)

Church set up and clean up for rehearsals: Jennifer Robinson, Herb Hayashi, Emily Powell, Rebecca Burris, Sarah Holden, Holly Murri

(this group helps Ramona and Debbie move and put back chairs, etc at the church, others can help)

Programs when needed: Sharyl Adamson and Jane Davis

Workshop assistants, as needed: Sarah Holden, Gretchen Durham, Chandelle Fairbanks, Jane Murray